Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Parsing IIS logs with Powershell (because logparser not supported on Windows 2008)

I was very disappointed to find out that logparser is not supported on Windows 2008. So, I started to look for an alternative and found a TechNet post by Nick Goude on how to use Powershell to parse IIS logs.

I have, for the most part, simply lifted the code:

# Location of IIS LogFile
$File = "C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles\W3SVC25824252\u_ex1104*.log"

# Get-Content gets the file, pipe to Where-Object and skip the first 3 lines.
$Log = Get-Content $File | where {$_ -notLike "#[D,S-V]*" }

# Replace unwanted text in the line containing the columns.
$Columns = (($Log[0].TrimEnd()) -replace "#Fields: ", "" -replace "-","" -replace "\(","" -replace "\)","").Split(" ")

# Count available Columns, used later
$Count = $Columns.Length

# Strip out the other rows that contain the header (happens on iisreset)
$Rows = $Log | where {$_ -notLike "#Fields"}

# Create an instance of a System.Data.DataTable
#Set-Variable -Name IISLog -Scope Global
$IISLog = New-Object System.Data.DataTable "IISLog"

# Loop through each Column, create a new column through Data.DataColumn and add it to the DataTable
foreach ($Column in $Columns) {
  $NewColumn = New-Object System.Data.DataColumn $Column, ([string])

# Loop Through each Row and add the Rows.
foreach ($Row in $Rows) {
  $Row = $Row.Split(" ")
  $AddRow = $IISLog.newrow()
  for($i=0;$i -lt $Count; $i++) {
    $ColumnName = $Columns[$i]
    $AddRow.$ColumnName = $Row[$i]


Now, if you save this to a file such as iislog.ps1, then you can run commands like:

.\iislog.ps1 | Select-Object csusername | Sort-Object -Property csusername | Get-Unique -AsString

Note, there are some glaring deficiencies:

  1. Parameterize the specification of log files
  2. Handle column name changes
  3. Handle extra headers (these are saved upon iisreset) - done
  4. Stream results back out so that they can be used in a pipeline

I hope to fix these soon, but need to get to sleep.

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