Tuesday, July 24, 2012

SP2013Beta: Adding site (SPWeb) users

I ran into a several relatively trivial issues with adding users to the Members and Owners groups in SharePoint 2013 Beta

My administrator user does not have a Site Settings option under the gear icon at the My Site. However, this was available under my Home site ("/"), so doing some URL mangling, I was able to get the My Site Permissions page by going to /my/_layouts/15/user.aspx

Note that "All Authenticated Users" is now called "Everyone"

The people picker doesn't look like it's working. I get a "Sorry, we're having trouble reaching the server". However, I am able to add users (ie: Share, in SP2013 speak) if I enter the complete name in the picker.

Finally, the "Send an email invitation" setting is checked by default and only accessible after you expand Show Options. That is annoying.


  1. Hello Wing-Leu,
    Did you ever find a solution to the people picker issue?

  2. No, I haven't looked at the issue since. Are you having the same problem?

  3. This issue is occuring on one of our SharePoint 2013 upgraded sites. This is the only of our sites that we have moved to Claims Based Authentication. I wonder if that might also be part of the problem?

    I have added more resources to the front-end servers and tried changing the alternate access mappings - neither have resolved the issue.