Friday, November 16, 2012

User Profile Synchronization not synchronizing email address

I found this on my new SP 2013 installation. After a user profile synchronization, my email addresses were not coming over from AD. Doing some poking around, I found that the user profile property was not mapped to the correct attribute.
To correct:

  1. Go to Central Administration->Manage Service Applications.
  2. Go to your User Profile Service Application
  3. Go to Manage User Properties
  4. Scroll down to Work email (under the Contact Information Section)
  5. Edit Work email
  6. Remove the existing Property Mapping for Synchronization mappings. They were inexplicably set to proxyAddresses (aCSPolicyName).
  7. Add new mapping to the mail attribute
  8. Start a Profile Sync
  9. Save and OK

It looks like just a simple profile sync would not work. You actually have to update the email addresses of each user and then do a sync. Argh!

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