Monday, January 7, 2013

SharePoint 2013 About Me page timing out

For some reason, all of a sudden, I am no longer able to access my "About Me" page (/my/Person.aspx) on one of my SharePoint 2013 demo servers. I can access the "About Me" page for everyone else and everyone else can also access their "About Me" page, but no one can access mine. It seems to spin for a long time and then time out. The only thing in ULS is an aborted thread exception.

Finally, I tried accessing the edit page of my "About Me" using /my/_layouts/15/EditProfile.aspx, hit save without even changing anything and magically, I can see my "About Me" page again.

Very bizarre.


  1. This appears to be quite a common issue. I have found this ever since I got SP13, although the other apps have *just* started working again (without me doing anything). My about me pages don't work either. I tracked down the page it was trying to link to (person.aspx), and that appears to be a blank page with \\ on it.

    If you do find anything, keep us updated. I'll do the same. :-)

  2. I managed to dig a little deeper and found that some rows in the User Profile DB UserProfileValue table had a PropertyVal of a GUID that did not match anything in the Managed Metadata Service DB's ECMTerm table. Also the SecondaryVal is NULL. When I edit the page and save as is, the extraneous rows disappear. I haven't nailed down the root cause of these extraneous rows, but I am suspecting some errant code.