Friday, April 5, 2013

Managing assemblies with Powershell

A simple way to access assemblies and see what's in them. Still a work in progress. I hope to add more tricks to this post soon.

Load in the assembly
$assembly = [Reflection.Assembly]::LoadFile($assemblyPath)
$assembly = [Reflection.Assembly]::Load($assemblyName)

Get details on a type defined in the assembly
$type = $assembly.DefinedTypes | Where-Object {$_.Name -eq $typeName}
$type.DeclaredConstructors | ForEach-Object {$_.ToString()}
$type.DeclaredMethods | ForEach-Object {$_.ToString()}

To load the assembly for use
Add-Type -Path $assemblyPath #if assembly in file
Add-Type -AssemblyName $assemblyName #if assembly in GAC
For some reason $assemblyName must be the full name contrary to the documentation in Add-Type

Get all assemblies in current AppDomain
[AppDomain]::CurrentDomain.GetAssemblies() | Select-Object FullName | Sort-Object FullName

System.Reflection.Assembly class
Add-Type cmdlet
AppDomain class

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