Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Calling constructor of an internal class

I keep running into code that tries to "hide" from being used such as making classes internal or private. It is a royal pain in the ass when debugging.

Fortunately, reflection is very easy with powershell so we can do something like this:

$parameters = @(some-array-of-parameters)
$typeName = 'full-name-of-the-type'
Add-Type -AssemblyName $assemblyName
$assembly = [Reflection.Assembly]::Load($assemblyName)
$bindingFlags = [Reflection.BindingFlags]"Default,NonPublic" # also include Static if needed
$t = $assembly.GetType($typeName)
$m = $t.GetConstructors() | Where-Object {$_.GetParameters().Count -gt 0} # in my case, I happen to be looking for a non-default constructor
$myclassinstance = $m.Invoke($parameters)

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