Tuesday, April 1, 2014

SharePoint Timezone Settings

I recently had to troubleshoot some SharePoint Timezone issues. There are a bewildering number of places where this may be a factor:

These are nicely summarized at http://www.techgrowingpains.com/2012/05/sharepoint-time-zone-confusion-2/

  • Web Application Level
    • Central Administration->Manage Web Applications
    • Select your web application
    • Select General Settings
    • Default Time Zone: Select time zone
  • Site Collection Level
    • Go to your site collection
    • Site Actions->Site Settings->Regional Settings
    • Select time zone
  • User Level
    • Welcome menu (aka Personal menu, aka the menu with your name on it)->My Settings->My Regional Settings
    • Uncheck Always follow web settings (if checked)
    • Select time zone

There is also
  • Server time zone (across all farm servers)
  • Desktop time zone

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