Sunday, May 25, 2014

Get all features that define Site Settings links

Recently, I needed to find out where a particular link listed under Site Settings. Doing a bit of research on how to add links to a Site Settings page involves defining a CustomAction in the Elements.xml file with a Location of Microsoft.SharePoint.SiteSettings. Reversing this logic, we can find all Elements.xml files that contains a line Location="Microsoft.SharePoint.SiteSettings" and from there work backwards to get the SharePoint feature.

Here is a Powershell that does this:
Get-ChildItem -Recurse -Filter *.xml | Select-String -Pattern 'Microsoft.SharePoint.SiteSettings' | Group-Object path | ForEach-Object {$x = $_.Name; Get-SPFeature | Where-Object {$x -like "$($_.RootDirectory)*"}} | Format-Table Id, Scope, @{l='Title';e={$_.GetTitle(1033)}} -AutoSize

This script can easily be modified to find other menu items by changing the Select-String -Pattern to something else such as Microsoft.SharePoint.StandardMenu.

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